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prologue to revolution century 21 neon glow take hold ana's song killing on the market the last one I will keep time give me love no more tears everything I do rock and roll part of me time rock and roll national anthem











Are We Almost There?: All songs by Morris Bobrow.
A Time for Courage: All songs by Irene Rudoy and John-Kevin Hilbert.
OCD: All songs by Howard St. John except Ana's Song; Ana's Song by Jessie Freed.
Thank You, Thank You: The Last One by Howard St. John; I Will Keep by Jessie Freed and Howard St. John; Time by Len.
Invazion: Give Me Love by Byron Estrada; No More Tears by Kris Fong; Everything I Do by Mike Rodriguez and Byron Estrada; Rock & Roll (All Night Long) by Len.



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